Baby Talk with Katie & David

Baby Talk with Katie & David

Welcome to your source for practical and experience-based discussions on babies, births, pregnancy, and early parenthood. Listen in each week as Katie DaMota, a postpartum doula and IBCLC-certified lactation consultant, and David Arrell, Men’s Coach and author of Welcome To Fatherhood, get together and bring real world experience and authentic voices to all things Baby. Get straight talk, down home perspectives, interesting experts, and honest opinions on real questions, concerns, challenges, and successes that come up frequently along the pregnancy to parenthood journey.

Recent Episodes

Infant Feeding Pt 1 - Breastfeeding Basics

May 11, 2022

Katie & David talk about infant feeding and planning for breastfeeding success. Topics discussed include: Breastfeeding - the expanded definition Feeding Baby, Protect milk production, breastfeed Connection and comfort Feedi…

Wired to Connect

May 4, 2022

Katie & David discuss the amazing instincts of newborns, specifically those that support connection. Topics include: The dance of Nature and Nurture Love and connection are crucial needs Warm, safe, predictable environments …

Postpartum Thriving - Relationships

April 27, 2022

Katie & David explore Postpartum Thriving and how relationships fit into the picture. Topics covered include: Managing expectations Connection and compassion Space and Grace for each other Dude Zone to Dad Zone It's not fore…

Postpartum Thriving - Self Care

April 20, 2022

Katie & David discuss Postpartum thriving by focusing on Self Care. Topics discussed include: "Bouncing forward" vs "bouncing back" Shuffling priorities and focusing on basic needs Name it to tame it, name and reframe Take a…

Postpartum Boundaries

April 11, 2022

Katie & David talk all about creating and enforcing healthy boundaries in late pregnancy and postpartum. Topics discussed include: Helpful Villagers vs Baby Tourists How to ask for help, and how to receive it Picking your te…

The Babymoon

April 11, 2022

Katie & David explore the Babymoon timeframe and what you can do to have the best one possible. Topics covered include: Babymoon basics The womb to world transition Lavish Sisterhood, Limit Stuff Dad Tips and the Protect & S…