Baby Talk with Katie & David

Baby Talk with Katie & David

Welcome to your source for practical and experience-based discussions on babies, births, pregnancy, and early parenthood. Listen in each week as Katie DaMota, a postpartum doula and IBCLC-certified lactation consultant, and David Arrell, Men’s Coach and author of Welcome To Fatherhood, get together and bring real world experience and authentic voices to all things Baby. Get straight talk, down home perspectives, interesting experts, and honest opinions on real questions, concerns, challenges, and successes that come up frequently along the pregnancy to parenthood journey.

Recent Episodes

David's Tips for Moms-to-be

July 15, 2022

David goes solo in season 1's final episode and shares 5 tips for Moms-to-be looking to better connect with Dad-to-be in their pregnancy journey. Although his book and work is directed at the Dads out there, David is often a…

Unexpected Feelings in Early Postpartum, Pt 1

June 29, 2022

From extreme joy and bliss to rage and resentment, the new and powerful emotions and feelings of early postpartum can be quite unexpected. This week Katie & David start this the conversation on this topic as a lead in to the…

Own your power in pregnancy, parenthood, and partnership

June 22, 2022

"The System" is pretty great, except when it isn't. Where do you have choices and options? How can you build your birth team to best support you? How do you respond to our larger "culture of dismissal," and how should you re…

Birthing a Parent

June 15, 2022

Baby's arrival heralds your birth into Parenthood and all the changes that come with it. Katie & David bring some interesting perspectives and anecdotes into this bigger conversation in this week's episode. Topics covered in…

Sacred Individuality

June 8, 2022

What things connect and support your core identity, your "Sacred Individuality" underneath the new roles and responsibilities that can take over your life once Baby gets here? How can you "bounce forward" into Thriving and s…

Finding joy & letting go of perfection

June 1, 2022

This week Katie & David talk all about the challenges of finding joy in the moment, and how letting go of perfection is a great first step in that direction. Topics covered include: The phrase "All joy, no fun" No one right …